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  • Allan Medical is a free online resource for discovering how to participate in a medical study or to be part of a clinical research trial.

    Research studies are being initiated every week across the United States and Europe. You can find out how to become a paid participant in one of the upcoming clinical trials. Medicine used to save lives is developed through medical research studies.



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COPD & Asthma Clinical Research

COPD and asthma are similar to one another, as they both are conditions that impair regular breathing. Constricted airways in the bronchioles are often a sign of asthma and COPD also causes airflow to be restricted because the passageways cannot open properly. New medicine has allowed new hope for sufferers of these conditions. If you are currently a sufferer of asthma or COPD, see below to apply for a paid study taking place in your area.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a new name given to and old condition. Basically COPD is the result of a patient smoking cigarettes for a period of time in there life. It includes conditions like chronic bronchitis where the bronchioles remain inflamed. Mucus build up and difficulty breathing are the two most common symptoms of this common pulmonary disease.

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Giving Plasma & Blood

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There are many ways that you can participate in life-saving research, and the good news is that since your participation is so valuable, you could be compensated for your time and cooperation with a payment.  You may choose to donate blood twice a week, or you may choose to become a sperm or egg donator.  Also, you may have the choice to participate in a short-term or long term medical study.

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