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    Research studies are being initiated every week across the United States and Europe. You can find out how to become a paid participant in one of the upcoming clinical trials by following the link for the trial you would like to participate in and selecting your city.



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Give Plasma and/or Blood for Clinical Use

Driving for blood is an American tradition. Often times we see a donate blood bus parked strategically as it collects blood. Helpful volunteers are what allows this process to happen. Blood is not only used to save lives during blood transfusions, but it is also the subject of research and has become a valuable resource for developing and delivering new medical treatment options. See below to find a paid Blood/Plasma Donation Center near you.

Blood is comprised of a couple of different key elements including, plasma, white blood cells, and red blood cells. White blood cells are used as the body's defense against foreign invaders. Red blood cells are the transport for oxygen and other molecules through the bloodstream. Plasma is what is extracted from the blood during a typical blood giving session, however some blood drawing may include taking every element of the donor blood.

ovumEgg & Sperm Donation Sperm and eggs, known collectively as ovum, are in high demand as some individuals are unable to produce their own to have children. Read more...
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Giving Plasma & Blood

Helping with Blood Supply

There are many ways that you can participate in life-saving research, and the good news is that since your participation is so valuable, you could be compensated for your time and cooperation with a payment.  You may choose to donate blood twice a week, or you may choose to become a sperm or egg donator.  Also, you may have the choice to participate in a short-term or long term medical study. Click below to apply for paid clinical studies in your area:

clinical trialsBlood & Plasma Studies Plasma is the part of the blood that is extracted when an individual makes a blood deposit. Blood giving is always an option to increase supply. Read more...
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