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Paid Sperm Donation

A Necessary and Highly Important Service

Paid sperm donation is the provision of sperm by a man with the aim of helping a woman conceive. It is not necessarily a must that the woman is the man’s sexual partner. Contrary to the common belief that paid sperm donation is a taboo, this is an essential service whose sole intention is to help those people who cannot have children themselves. Just like blood donation, this service is carried out in medically controlled circumstances, and by qualified personnel. Paid sperm donation is all private and anonymous. The donor performs in private and delivers in their own time, and their sperm is kept for future recipients who may wish to access a sperm bank for the purpose of fertilization. Paid sperm donation pays very lucratively; hence this is an easy way of earning extra money, and with only an initial test for fertility required is a painless and trouble free way of guaranteeing a regular extra income.

Sperm donors get the benefit of being tested for the following at a zero cost:

1) Semen analysis

2) STD testing

3) Complete Medical Physical

4) Drug Screening

5) Testing for Genetic diseases

6) Routine and communicable diseases

Paid sperm donation is really beneficial as one gets to know their sperm count. When donating sperm, the donor is taken through a comprehensive semen analysis, including: motility, count and morphology. Paid sperm donation literally changes lives. The service is truly an incredible gift that will never be forgotten by the beneficiaries. Contact Allan Medical to learn of sperm donation clinics and compensation tables for your city.

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